Flushed – flash fiction-thriller (explicit)

I knew what I did. I knew it while I shoved the knife deep into his flesh. There was no room for insanity, delusions, self-defense, or any other lie people use to get out of it. It was murder.  Planned, pre-meditated murder.

I inhaled my cigarette before looking down at his heavy lifeless body. Smoke filled my lungs and circled the bathroom, leaving behind a smell that he would have disapproved of. How the hell was I going to move him? His eyes stared up at me as if to laugh one last time. Now what are you going to do, Cunt?

“Fuck you, Anthony. I got the last word here.” I threw the cigarette into the toilet. It made one last sizzle noise before drowning to death, much like Anthony’s last gurgle of blood before half his body fell into the tub. I flushed the cigarette and watched it swirl until it disappeared. The evidence of my disgusting habit swirled to nonexistence. The toilet was a disposal of everything…if everything was small enough.

I stared at Anthony as I removed my necklace, kissing the cross. “Forgive me, Father.” I set the necklace down gently. “Eye for an eye.” I was truly sorry to God. But I would never be sorry to Anthony; he could rott in hell.

To make him fit piece by piece, it would be a long night. Everything but the bones. They ccould be hammered down and thrown in the trash tomorrow. I sat down and started with his hands. The same hands that had taken my sister’s life the night she tried to stand up for me.

Rest in peace, Baby-Sis. I got this.


Written by Sheryl Marasi (pen name)


YouTube AUDIO Version read by Sheryl Marasi


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  1. Wow this is amazing 😀 Great Job Sheryl.

    I love the style of writing as well, very unique. If you have a second you should stop by my page and take a look at a couple of the short stories I have written!

    Talk soon!


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